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gshp and air to water pump cylinder

Greenstore ground source heat pump and Greensource air to water heat pump cylinders

Our heat pumps ranges include storage tanks and solar compatible cylinders.

Our ground source heat pump cylinders are solar compatible and are available in 180 and 280 litre sizes. They are designed to go with Greenstore ground source heat pumps only.

We also offer primary storage tanks (buffer tanks) which are available in 100 and 120 litre sizes. They're designed to go with our Greenstore ground source heat pumps and Greensource air to water heat pumps.

Greenskies solar cylinder

Greenskies solar cylinder

The Greenskies cylinder is a stainless steel unvented twin-coil storage cylinder. It's specifically designed to be installed in conjunction* with Worcester Greenskies solar water heating.

The cylinder is available in 4 sizes, 180, 210, 250 and 300 litres. It's supplied complete with all the necessary safety and control devices needed to connect to the cold water mains.

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Ensure all pipes are correctly lagged to avoid them freezing in the winter. Isolate outside taps during the Autumn.

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